Entropy and Community – The Beautiful Paradox

Why is it that things tend to fall apart, but people tend to come together?

Entropy. Who’s not thought of it as an enemy from time to time? The nature of things, according to physics and experience too, is to tend toward disorder. You think you’ve got it set, and it falls apart. The library organization in my apartment, the garden flower plot out back, the wardrobe area, anything that is a collection of things just tends toward disorder. Even nature tends to go from order to disorder, it’s just the way the universe is set up and continues.

The beautiful exceptions are living things, which don’t tend to fall apart so easily, and communities, which tend to connect and grow and build.

Watching the video embedded here of film maker David Lynch (Mulholland Drive) speaking with thousands of children in Brazil, I am struck by how they fall silent and seem to come together. It is as if by sitting silently together they come together as a larger single lovely community. Have a look, and see what you think.

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4 responses to “Entropy and Community – The Beautiful Paradox”

  1. I don’t know why, but I continue to be happily surprised at your eloquent and wonderful articulation and writing! 🙂 I continually try to connect and find truth, while maintaining day to day things! This really is an interesting paradox.


  2. Yes! Many living things and communities seek to connect, and to connect at the deepest available level. While people in organizations and communities tend to get caught up in day-to-day details and tasks, their deeper values, principles, and overall vision can help bring them together and stay connected. Often, my mundane schedule is interrupted by calls for deeper reflection and relationships. There is a tension for me between getting and keeping things orderly, and taking the time it takes to go deeper.


    • Thanks for visiting the blog, it is surprising and wonderful to have a strategic monk weigh in here. Watching sentient beings connect is a beautiful thing, and defies some of the other laws of nature. I’m also enjoying your site, learning a lot there.



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