100 Days of Social Media

In Brooklyn, Bushwick’s trees were wiped out by the tornado that passed by in the fall. I was afraid it would be a barren city scape in spring here. But city workers planted new trees all along my street and in Maria Hernandez park, just before the winter snows. Walking home today I see the little trees survived the transplant, clusters of their flowers dancing in the late afternoon sun in jubilant full bloom.

I’ve just passed 100 days in my experiment with social media, and it feels like a tree full of new blossoms too.

It seemed strange that I avoided joining even Facebook and Twitter until 2011, but certain types of technology have always baffled me. Although I can sequence DNA and clone genes in the lab, I have a really rough time changing printer ink, for example.

Now 16 Blog posts, 17 poems, 586 tweets, 2 travel logs and 2 videos later, what started as an experiment has become an adventure. Sometimes I walk around saying little things to myself in 140 characters now, my family tell me. I’ve stopped wondering if it was going to be scary to get involved with social media sites, and started tinkering with optimizing ways to share ideas within them. I’m enjoying being part of communities of souls sharing everything from philosophy to photos.

An unexpected pleasure is that keeping the blog and yes, even singing on twitter, has improved the flow of my creative writing. The most recently short story I wrote fell onto the keyboard like pouring a liquid, instead of like something I have to excavate. So from the blossoms, fruit.

A few of my favorite things:

  • Facebook’s groups, like the “Verses in Motion” poetry group
  • LinkedIn groups like “Women 2.0”, and their discussion pages
  • Uploading and sharing my first video to YouTube and creating a channel of favorites
  • Visiting writer’s blogs
  • Sharing thoughts back and forth with readers in comments sections
How long have you been involved in social media and what are a few of your favorite things?
Please feel free to leave a comment to share views and join a discussion with readers.

17 responses to “100 Days of Social Media”

  1. I started with social media a while ago, but I was only partly invested in it. About a year later, I talked to someone about the importance of marketing oneself as an artist, and carving out your own space in social media. So, I began to pay more attention to this social media world. Having and following people such as yourself, who delight in creating new connections, and exploring, and experimenting with social media is invaluable. I also found the bit about not being able to change the printer ink quite amusing!!!


  2. I love the line about sequencing DNA but can’t change the print ink. I know how hard it is to singalize DNA (I assume sequencing is just as difficult or worse). My daughter did a high school science project that required that tidbit of skill. We bought the home DNA-singalizer, added this and that and waited for the DNA to distill. Now that’s difficult. I’ll take blogging over that any day!


  3. Hi Jennifer. I love how the city is awakening from its long winter’s slumber. Nature comes to life, and people, dogs, even wildlife all seem to have an extra spring in their step (or flight).

    I love visiting various blogs, and the democratic idea that anyone can use their voice to bolster arts. In an age of arts and education funding cuts, writers are bringing their words to the people through social media.

    The blogs I read expose me to poetry, help me become an activist, travel vicariously the world, be inspired by other women and more. Thank you for having such an inspiring blog.


    • Hi Yorick, it is like a game where you can jump in anytime and no one is left out–so enjoyable. In discouraging times I just read other peoples work and links, and the new material inevitable sparks new branching thoughts. Thank you for sharing your new experience with social media here.


      • This post is very heartening. And while looking at this page I realized that one of the good things to do when feeling not so great or upset or down even is to go online and see news, art, writing, etc. It is rejuvenating in a way. And then I saw this comment here, where you describe just what I was thinking! 🙂



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