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Clean water is a gift, a treasure, and maybe it is the ultimate gift.

I love water. I drink a lot of it. When I write, my little dogs are usually close by up on the furniture or in my lap, and sometimes they ask for water. They have a way of panting that’s like a whistle, with a smile in their eyes, with anticipation. I bring them the clean bowl of water that’s by my feet and watch them drink. Watching the animals who live with me drink clean water has always made me happy – from cockatiels and parrots to little dogs. This never fails.

I realize lately that when I tell a story, about half way through my friends faces change, twist, and I remember – oh, right. You’r eating, I’m sorry. So as a warning, while clean water is pure, even holy, what follows is not.

The gift of clean water, it means a lot. The last time I saw my father he was in a hospital bed, on opiates for pain, losing his bones to metastasis that eats right through bone quickly in the end stages of metastatic cancer. I visited him with my two young daughters. He couldn’t sit up but was propped up on a pillow, and asked the girls to please pass him his cup of clean water. He drank it through a straw and smiled, then passed it back, twice so that each of them had a turn.

“There. Now you can tell people that you gave your grandpa a drink before he died, if they ask about me,” he said. And he laughed. And we cried, but he was like that.

Clean water. The ultimate gift. Let’s be sure there’s some clean water around when the next person who needs some asks. It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to give.

Sharing a hip-hop video from Treasure the Karoo Action Group, TKAG, in South Africa, where the movement to protect clean water sources is moving.

Do you treasure clean water? Do you have it, or have to buy it now?

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