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The end of summer is marked by the autumnal equinox, and thoughts turn to shorter days and longer nights.

Story threads of Stephen King’s moving novel, “The Green Mile” are running along memory paths in my head, triggered by the omnipresent news of Georgia’s death row drama, the planned execution of Troy Davis. We are living through the real world experience in the US south, no fiction, via the news, that a black man about to be executed may well be innocent. Attempts to stop the machine appear futile.

A fog descends around me when I think about the approaching final night, like when reading the final pages of “The Green Mile”. In truth, Stephen King is such a great writer, who so completely frightens me with his stories, that I’ve only been able to read one short story, that when I was very young, and the one novel. After both experiences, I was quite certain that his unique gift was one I couldn’t handle psychologically. The man just scares me too much. I hope that the same will not be said of my country.

Back to reality, 600,000 people voiced support for Troy Davis by providing over 600,000 signed petitions to Georgia, to stop the death sentence from going forward in this contested case. Was anyone listening? As the people assemble through social media, news the morning of the planned execution was that the twitter trending topics #toomuchdoubt and #TroyDavis had been censored and were being blocked. Many are working to save the life of the prisoner, and also praying.

It’s the end of summer, I know. But do the trends also foreshadow the end of the Summer of Social Media, a free and open space to express and assemble our views and to help protect innocent? I hope our summer, if gone, will come again as nature promises with her examples time and time again.

As Stephen King says, “Remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.”

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