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Have you carried unfinished things around with you from place to place, and hoped to make something new out of them?

This spring, looking at the two shelves of handwritten, typed, bound, loose and even tattered poems and drawings that I’ve carried from childhood through a dozen moves, I had to do something about it. And so on April 28th, I published a new little chapbook of 28 poems with 3 of my illustrations, Natural Supernatural Love.

I wrote the poems from 1978 up to 2012, and one of them, Library Lantern, this spring. Most of the poetry I’ve written over the years I lost, and I’m trying to keep better track of things now. Those poems I kept, express love of nature and explore human connections with the supernatural. From earthquakes to lightning storms, the poems are tiny stories of a stream of union with the natural world, of supernatural fears and visions. And the section of love poems probe both tender and violent bonds between lovers and society.

Poets I’ve loved are Robert Frost for his natural poems, Poe for his supernatural visions permeated with despair, and William Blake for his unique views that are so full of hope. Who are your favorite poets?

I have to thank poet Dennis Brutus from South Africa, who helped me work on my own poems when I lived in Philadelphia. His poems woke me up, showing me that he could wrap up the immediate social and political present into words with poetry. He helped me work on Dover Air Force Base, included in my new poetry book. We sent a few letters back and forth after his poetry workshop that I had joined, and I treasured his advice.

After I sent Dennis Brutus a nonfiction collection of stories, told to me by Philadelphia homeless people I knew, he sent me a postcard…

“An artist who shows no care for the homeless, reveals soulessness” -Dennis Brutus

At first I thought writing poems and making drawings was only for me. Later, I came to see that sharing them helps show how each of us care about our world. Do you have poems of your own or a favorite poet to share? Please leave a comment and I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Natural Supernatural Love is making its way to book distributors now, while the ebook editions and samples are up at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/156585 .