Interview with VIM Media Publications’ Poet Laura LME

Please meet poet Laura LME, who recently published her new digital poetry collection with photos, “Verses in Motion”.

I was delighted with the walk Laura LME’s poems took me on, through the smooth blue veins and pulsing red arteries of her very awake heart. As the evocative cover photo promises with its billowing scarlet drapes, Laura leads the reader to the windows and doors to be opened along the corridors of the heart. Poetry at its finest finds our hidden inner places, opens the locks we have installed so carefully, and removes the bars.

Laura LME’s new collaboration with the deeply symbolic images of Anna Simi beautifully and gently transport the reader here, not away, but inward.

Welcome Laura LME. What are inspirations for the poems in your new book?

I love this question, because every time, I find myself replying with more details, discovering something new about my inspirational moments. Inspiration and imagination for me, run on parallel tracks,  my creative world is totally unpredictable! I could never decide to lock myself up in a room to write, because that would probably mean writing nothing at all. My “verses in motion” are made of dreams, desires, memories, deep feelings hid in my heart and soul, music, notes of old melodies and jumping new beats, discoveries and premonitions, visions and events. In the new book, music, definitely played an essential role.

When do you write poems, in what place, at what time?

I always write at the round cherry wood table that belongs to our family since over 40 years, it was part of my father’s studio, so many sweet and happy memories around it, sweet children’s voices and laughter, immense love surrounding us all, we used to sit at this table, eating, listening to music, reading poetry and lyrics, getting ready for theatres or looking forward to new adventures before traveling. I write at different times, sometimes it’s early morning, sun rays and silence with a small cup of espresso, some other times it’s late night. Or it’s early afternoon, rainy clouds and soft ideas. It’s more like being in a “timeless space…”

How did you work with your artist photographer to select the best photos?

When I first saw Anna Simi’s photos I was immediately taken by those magical vibes, colors and nuances. It was easy to see my words in her images and those framed  “moments” in my verses. It was effortless and natural, to match my poems to her pictures. Writing to me, is visualising, watching, seeing, following the rhythm of thoughts and feelings. I always “produce” my poems with “my eyes wide open to the mystery of another secret”. I believe in the power of words and I am convinced they can make us see deeper into life situations and events, as well as I believe that images can shake our soul and with those two elements combined, well, that’s when “the invisible becomes essential.”

What was your publishing experience, as an “indie” independent author?

My first book was selected and released by a very well established Italian publishing company, it was an amazing debut for a first time author like me, great experience, but filled with limitations on how I would have liked things to be managed in terms of marketing and PR, book signing and presentations. At the end of the contract term I refused to renew it.

When I decided to release my second book, I immediately thought about self publishing. I studied and observed the world of “independent authors” for weeks and I learned so much from other fellow authors, like you Jennifer, I felt the excitement of taking my own decisions and established a small online digital publishing company, VIM Media Publications, Our aim at VIM Media, was and is not only to publish my work, following up to the mission statement of Verses In Motion Groups and Web Pages, we are actually getting ready to publish new authors very soon, Ebooks and digital publications only.

We will have our first VIM Media Publications Call For Submissions in the Fall. We are looking for new voices, with sharp and sophisticated poetic vibes, artistic and urban photography, spiritual and inspirational fiction.

Further and complete details will be available on all VIM web pages, on my website and on all Twitter pages: @LauraLME @VersesInMotion @PoeticPhoto and FB VIM profiles and groups too.

Verses In Motion Show on @GetYourz Radio will also be a part of the post-publishing process by VIM Media. ( VIM Radio Show > < )

Thank you Jennifer, truly blessed by your support, you definitely are one of my favorite authors, a talented professional and a very special friend.

Where can we find your poetry, CD and new book?

Absolute ° Gravity EP (Poetry by LauraLME – Music by Cass Ferre – Produced by Tom Cloverfield, Ultrasonic Music Germany (c) 2011 Photo Album Cover by Anna Simi)

Verses In Motion Page on FB

Verses In Motion Group on FB

Verses In Motion Ebook on Amazon-Kindle

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and inspiration with me and readers here Laura!

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  1. Hi J.J., thank you for following my blog. So great to meet you here. I love your piece about our mutual friend LauraLME. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I am now following you too! Have a beautiful day. Michele



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