Everyone Has A Sept 11th Story

Everyone has a Sept 11th Story here


I watched the disaster from the bus

coming into Manhattan to work

and the glass separated us

from the fire and the ash but not from fear

and people on phones were saying war.

It was, but later and we were the fire

but none of us wanted anyone to be hurt

and we helped each other, running, crying,

looking for our loved ones and a way home

walking with people we met only today

barefoot on a path that seemed forever.

I found my children at the sitter in the Bronx

watching the disaster through TV glass

as a repeating loop they never forget

in a world that never seems safe

no matter how we try to justify or remake it.

–Sept 11, 2012

12 thoughts on “Everyone Has A Sept 11th Story

  1. Thank you for sharing you lived experience of 911 with us. Even those of us in the far west felt/still feel it’s impact and you’re right, our lives will never, ever be the same, never be completely fear-free again.


  2. yeah you got the feel of the day…it was a bit surreal the whole thing and you read a bit of my story at dverse tonight…it shook the camera we view the world through a bit…it is intersting seeing it through all the different perspectives though…


    1. dVerse got me going, a long while since I wrote poems – a great place to be on a day when sharing thoughts helps make sense out of the memory. Thanks for sharing your story at dVerse with the poets.


  3. Lovely thoughts from someone much closer to the event than me. Yet, you are right. We will always remember, no matter where we live, we felt the impact from a different point of view; somber painful memories.



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