Tell Scary Short Stories for Halloween

Story time, J.J.Brown reads from her book, Death and the DreamThe approach of Halloween has always frightened me, the thought of the dead rising and walking the earth for a night. This year, Neil Gaiman put up a great short video asking everyone to start a new tradition – give a scary book for All Hallows Eve, #AllHallowsRead if you are on twitter. I loved the idea, and I think I will give a scary book.

Telling scary shory stories, perhaps gleaned from dreams or haunting visions, is cathartic. Like baking, I like the finished product of storytelling – books – more than the process of writing. Here is one of mine, originally out in Death and the Dream, my first collection of short stories. I read Rabbit Nightmare in Cypress Hills Cemetery in Brooklyn, filmed by Lillian Rodriguez.

This Halloween, will you give a scary book? Tell a scary story?

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