Decapitated Head of Household

Decapitated Head of Household


Laid off work force reduction

doesn’t sound as true as this

decapitated single head of household

looking at her head in her hand

wondering how it got there

and how to stem the blood flow

running out when nothing comes back.

She is asking, who was I anyway

in all the heaving struggle of the days

that ended abruptly without a clue

in this mystery web of commerce

without a net below to slow the fall

searching through the dark days

with nimble hands – for her head.

-J.J.Brown 2013

for dVerse Open Link Night

6 thoughts on “Decapitated Head of Household

  1. It’s a very moving poem, thank you for sharing it here. You put an image to a statistic with this poem. Unemployment is a severe problem of these times.


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