Winter Stalking Trees in NYC

Winter Stalking

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white snow marks off black tree trunks

walking stalking trees too move

sharp stiff trees stare back at me

taller damp and green blue moss hidden

they watch my gray eyes

with their hazel ones in silent decay

their wet dark moist mold infected

outer layers protect a living core

selfish earth you reach up mangling

forcing entwining your new chances

to grow into gorge out and push apart

to conquer not just wood but stone

I sit on a flat stone but am not safe

it waits under your powder-blue film

of moss lichens clinging prying

here in the winter wood

injured tree and rock and I wait

for inevitable creeping clawing and smell

that acid smell of earth it’s everywhere

come to take in all of us the fallen ones


-J.J.Brown 2012, from Natural Supernatural Love

for dVerse Open Link Night

10 responses to “Winter Stalking Trees in NYC”

  1. There are so many strong images of decay in this poem. There’s also something a bit disturbing about the idea of trees stalking – very “Day of the Triffids”.



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