New Books: Global Chorus Offers Essays of Hope

A Global Chorus with contribution by J.J.Brown gives hope.In the new book Global Chorus, 365 different essays – including one of mine – answer the question: Do we have hope?

How would you answer?

The chorus comes from scientists, authors, artists, humanitarians, political, and spiritual leaders responding to editor Todd MacLean’s not-so-simple, and surprising query.

He asked each of us to send him one page on our thoughts about the future. As editor, he collected responses from Jane Goodall, David Suzuki and hundreds of contributors in the new book, now published by Rocky Mountain Books in Canada. You can find the book here.

The Global Chorus questions:

  • Do you think that humanity can find a way past the current global environmental and social crises?
  • Will we be able to create the conditions necessary for our own survival, as well as that of other species on the planet?
  • What would these conditions look like?
  • Do we have hope, and can we do it?

Each of the 365 entries are dated, giving one inspiration for each day of the new year. Mine appears on October 2, and is excerpted from the book here:

“When I think about our future as a species, I always look back at our history for perspective. The stone age must have seemed like all there was for a while, and then the bronze age too. And at times, the fossil fuel age we are in feels so entrenched that it is something we cannot change, but of course, it will pass, as all other ages have. Our future will shine with the realization of the promises of solar and wind generated energy; that future is blossoming even now. Alternatives to coal, oil and gas are all around us above ground and will sustain our needs with clean renewable energy. Our future is as bright as the sun.

“Looking into our future as a species I see a time when life is respected universally, with the rights of people and animals protected around the world. People will continue to turn away from the barbaric practices of the past, embracing the path of vegetarian and vegan diets for a healthier planet. As the demands for animal products fade, the animals, birds and fish will regain a place of honour in the world of Homo sapiens. Their rights will be respected as ours are. We will survive to see a peaceful and natural world, rich in variety.

“I have hope, and we have hope, because of the growing awareness among young people who can reach beyond borders as they learn about their world. The Internet and social medial continue to connect us to each other in ways that defy nationalism and push us toward a more peaceful planet.”

Jennifer J. Brown, PhD, author, mother, scientist, in Global Chorus.

Proceeds from sales of Global Chorus go to The Jane Goodall Institute, The David Suzuki Foundation and the Canadian Red Cross.

Where to Find the Book

The first Global Chorus printing sold out quickly, with a new printing planned and ecopies available for Kindle readers.

Check here to find a source for Global Chorus near you.

Why not join the chorus with your answer, and a review on the book retailer site or social media: Do we have hope?

A Voice for Change

To raise my voice in a global chorus for environmental change, I picked up my pen. I wrote the novel Brindle 24, as a way to dissect what fossil fuel extraction from the earth does to all living things, plants, animals, and people. The story looks at the effects of toxic chemicals from fracking through the eyes of a student, a pregnant mother, a veteran, a scientist, and a policeman.

Where to Find My Books

Read Brindle 24, the last day in the life of a town, available in print and ebook editions where most books are sold, including:   Amazon   /   Kindle   /   Barnes & Noble   /   Nook Book   /   iBook   /   Smashwords

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