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  • Love of the Irish: St. Patrick’s Day Reflections

    A Personal St. Patrick’s Day Planning Cycle St. Patrick’s Day Plan 1. The most obvious plan is to drink. I am part Irish according to, a lot of people in the town (hamlet, really) where I grew up in were Irish, including my first boyfriend. And I always have a Guinness on St. Patrick’s…

  • Good Neighbors

    A Christmas Story, excerpt from Death and the Dream. After Christmas my Aunt Muriel and I walk through the barren park on East Fifth Street in New York. It’s not much of a park. We have to stop every six feet or so beside one of the rotting wooden benches to let my Aunt Muriel…

  • The Next Big Thing – Indie Book Blog Hop

    The author interview series called The Next Big Thing Blog Hop asks: What’s the next big thing in the indie book reader world? At The Next Big Thing Blog Hop, authors from around the world share the inside stories on their new work. Each author’s new blog post answers 10 questions about writing and publishing…

  • Dreaming Life and Living Dreams

    I’ve been finishing up a story that asks if we are awake or dreaming. Recently I read from the brilliant scientist author Oliver Sacks, “Waking consciousness is dreaming – but dreaming constrained by external reality.” Are we dreaming life?

  • Fertile Soil, Fertile Thoughts

    Half of the tiny backyard garden behind my Brooklyn apartment came back this spring, the back half. Poison in the soil? Toxins from the building? It was a mystery.