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  • Six Scientists Who Rocked My World

    What do you think of when you hear “scientist”? When I hear “scientist” I think of 6 people who shook up my ideas of the world within and around me. Scientists who changed my way of thinking are: Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Rachel Carson (1907-1964) Carl Sagan (1934-1996) Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) Jane Goodall (1934- ) Oliver…

  • Love Hate Relationships and the Hidden Bias in Compassion

    Have you ever had a love-hate relationship? A recent talk by the Dalai Lama captured on video focuses on defining genuine compassion and touches on the origins of love or hate in a relationship. I embed it here today where I am trying to focus on thoughts of a peaceful future.

  • Vegan for a Month

    I’ve been trying the vegan diet for a month now. It is one of my thought experiments that has become a life experiment. What is a vegan anyway?

  • Health Disorders or Society’s Disorders?

    I’ve been asking myself lately, what is a health disorder anyway? And is a drug always the right solution? When nearly everyone has the same problem, it might be called society’s disorder.

  • Debt Reduction Experiment

    I’ve started a debt reduction experiment. It’s highly personal. Problem: Having trouble saving money, not getting any younger. Experiment: Each time I am just about to consider spending money on something, anything, I imagine myself homeless and carrying that particular thing down the street.