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  • Winter Stalking Trees in NYC

    Winter Stalking white snow marks off black tree trunks walking stalking trees too move sharp stiff trees stare back at me taller damp and green blue moss hidden they watch my gray eyes with their hazel ones in silent decay

  • Tribute to Poet Robert Frost

    Growing up in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, I felt like Robert Frost must have walked along the same paths beside the same trees I did, when I first read his poems as a child. I loved Robert Frost’s poetry then, and I still do. A tribute to Robert Frost, born…

  • Magnolias Open and Gandhi Walks: Union Square NYC

     Stopping off at Union Square today after work in NYC to see the magnolia trees, I found them in full bloom and they changed my day completely. Magnolia blossoms give only a faint scent but it permeated the area. Occupy Wall Street was meeting quietly at the south end of the park. Beside them toward the west side of the park a dozen…

  • Praise for the Urban Rock Dove

    She doesn’t have an agent, manager, editor or publicist, but the humble urban rock dove has a song I’ll always love.

  • Ascension and the Heavens

    On Easter Sunday, I told the story of the ascension to my younger family members, as I had learned it. After the story and half way through dinner, I was asked, “Where do you think heaven is?”