Vector a Modern Love Story

Explores, in depth, the love, pain and hope: This book takes you through an enthralling but tangled journey of events and interactions of the two protagonists with others, some close, some distant, as each circles the other, as if in a dream, to confront and assuage their true feelings.” –AchillesPubTalk, reader at Amazon UK

“An excellent read: Eva is a young rising opera student in New York City performing in La bohème, which seems to draw parallels to her own life….In this tale much of the content pertains to tuberculosis, disease, and illness, but mainly HIV, shedding a light on the HIV/AIDS global epidemic.” –Reader at Amazon.

“A vector of pain, despair, love and hope. This book is an incredible journey through pain, loss and hope…a beautiful tale of innocent first loves and sudden realization that life can be a mined territory of selfish self-confessed “love” and deception. Absolutely a “MUST READ”! Laura LME, poet, review at Barnes & Noble

“An enlightening read on ethics: If you’re seeking a work of fiction that will make a lasting impression and educate you, then this is the book for you….Vector, a Modern Love Story should be included on school reading lists – from high school to med school.” –Wordfall, poet, review at Amazon

“Haunting unconventional love story leaving you to ask ethical questions: A mysterious homeless woman seems to be acting as a conscience throughout the tale….Brown nudges our own conscience and belief system with her captivating tale about what passion (romantic and otherwise) drives us to do and choices and consequences.” –Reader, New Jersey, review at Amazon

Death and the Dream

Beautifully written, perfectly balanced and paced, each story is different and completely compelling; poignant, disturbing, shocking and subtly underpinned with touches of pure horror….top class professional work from a writer who has mastered the delicate and difficult art of the short story. Highly recommend.” – Malla Duncan, Author, Reader at Smashwords

“Death and the Dream by J.J.Brown: The best story is “Way to heaven.” Let me give you a glimpse: a three year old, an ax, and a tree trunk for cutting logs … can you feel it? The book is cleverly written and recommended reading.” –VIDOCQ, lawyer, in the Book Review section of his site, “Defrosting Cold Cases

“Stories that stay with you, characters that truly breathe: Brown somehow is able to give death a personality, and I found it very unnerving how death was often a comforting presence….This was a wonderful read. I find myself still thinking about the characters and their stories.” –Wednesday Child, Reader, review at Barnes & Noble

“Very Good Short Stories: They are wonderfully crafted and polished little tellings in the style of O. Henry, but …have a suspense and color to them reminiscent of Mr. E. A. Poe. The stories in Death and the Dream sound, smell, and taste American.” –Mike, Reader, review at Barnes & Noble

“Subtle Soul-Touching Horror: Brown takes ordinary people and showcases their darkest moments in such a subtle way, the reader doesn’t know the horror is coming until it’s *there*.  I highly recommend Brown’s stories to any reader who enjoys literary fiction or horror of the non-thriller type.” –Courtney Cantrell, Author, Reader, review at Amazon

“A Thought-Provoking Read: This collection of stories opened my eyes to many important issues around us, whether they be visible or invisible: mental illness, scientific studies on animals, etc. It’s refreshing to have encountered a fiction writer who has the courage to tap into these ethical issues…” –Wordfall, Reader, review at Amazon

“Existential Probing: It’s haunting to see the experimenter become the subject of some bizarre human experiment of existential questioning and reckoning with the past. This existential probing existent throughout the length of the book, made me question if it isn’t life that is the frightening bit, and death perhaps not all that terrifying.” -Lillian Rodriguez, Actor, review


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