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  • After the Layoff: a Novella

    “I am free and that is why I am lost.”– Franz Kafka For someone who has become a slave to their work, unemployment is a strange kind of freedom. In the second novella of my new fiction book, The Doctor’s Dreams, the character Eve Wissen feels like a decapitated, single head of household after a…

  • Exploring Borders in Brooklyn with Art

    This summer, artists are going outside in Brooklyn. Outdoor street performances of Borderline Bushwick in Brooklyn were part of the “Arts in Bushwick” open studio day. All around the area art studio doors opened, and spaces that looked like warehouses from the outside, revealed as hidden art galleries behind the steel doors. Walking the familiar streets becomes something like…

  • A Theater Grows in Brooklyn

    I caught two of Target Margin Theater’s set of Russian-inspired performances at the Bushwick Starr in Brooklyn recently. The Bushwick Starr is a non-profit place for performance, dance and puppetry in Brooklyn. You could almost miss the door walking down Starr Street, unless you knew it was there. Up the old wooden steps and inside the theater, the space was…

  • Life and Death with Interruptions

    I had jury duty today in Brooklyn, New York, one of the interruptions of our usual lives most of us don’t look forward to at all. My friends told me to bring a book. Jose Saramago’s “Death with Interruptions”, a novel, was the one I brought into the courtroom waiting area.

  • Winter Song in Brooklyn

           Winter Song A cardinal tapping at my window called