Publishing Your Writing – A Test for the Ego

Have you been writing for years and years, and hoped to publish one day? I have, ever since I was a child. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes the times I sent treasured poems and stories out, hoping they would be published.

I published my 2 new fiction books in the span of about 3 months in 2011. It was not easy, but now this is in the realm of the possible for me. At first, the sheer number of steps was daunting when I published my book “Death and the Dream” in August 2011. But the second time, 3 months later, publishing my novel, “Vector a Modern Love Story”, was something that felt familiar. Practice makes, well not perfect, but easier. And since I have so many stories, short and long, looking back at me from the shelf where they are stacked as drafts – right across from my bed – I’m sure I’ll have lots of practice in the coming months.

Walking around in Manhattan, it struck me how costly real estate is and I began to wonder, how do all the big publishing houses afford to occupy these tremendous sky scrapers? It baffled me. Authors are often poor, and living on small incomes. I decided not to buy into the dominant paradigm of sending my original work out for others to publish. I made the decision shortly after reading Anais Nin’s first book, which she self-published. Why did she do it? I’m not sure. But I did it because it seems right, and it is possible.

Here is a list of resources that I used to publish my own work: Continue reading “Publishing Your Writing – A Test for the Ego”