Debt Reduction Experiment

I've started a debt reduction experiment. It's highly personal. Problem: Having trouble saving money, not getting any younger. Experiment: Each time I am just about to consider spending money on something, anything, I imagine myself homeless and carrying that particular thing down the street. Hypothesis: I'll spend less money. It would be a dull experiment if … Continue reading Debt Reduction Experiment

Backseat Driving, Backseat Dreaming

How hopeless is backseat driving? The backseat driver is frustrated and the actual driver inevitably becomes annoyed. Now that I'm using subways and buses, it's become an easier question to face. Bad idea, that backseat driving I used to do, definitely. Facing the backseat mentality that seeps into the way I speak, the way I react to the news, and … Continue reading Backseat Driving, Backseat Dreaming