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  • International Peace Day and Sunday Morning in Brooklyn NYC

    A special day of peace is the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, International Non-Violence Day. For the birthday, the Dalai Lama commented that non-violence is always important in our day to day lives, not just around the world. Peace begins within, then at home doing what we can for ourselves, in the community, and then in the world I think.

  • Six Scientists Who Rocked My World

    What do you think of when you hear “scientist”? When I hear “scientist” I think of 6 people who shook up my ideas of the world within and around me. Scientists who changed my way of thinking are: Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Rachel Carson (1907-1964) Carl Sagan (1934-1996) Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) Jane Goodall (1934- ) Oliver…

  • Love Hate Relationships and the Hidden Bias in Compassion

    Have you ever had a love-hate relationship? A recent talk by the Dalai Lama captured on video focuses on defining genuine compassion and touches on the origins of love or hate in a relationship. I embed it here today where I am trying to focus on thoughts of a peaceful future.

  • Vegan for a Month

    I’ve been trying the vegan diet for a month now. It is one of my thought experiments that has become a life experiment. What is a vegan anyway?

  • Debt Reduction Experiment

    I’ve started a debt reduction experiment. It’s highly personal. Problem: Having trouble saving money, not getting any younger. Experiment: Each time I am just about to consider spending money on something, anything, I imagine myself homeless and carrying that particular thing down the street.