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  • My 2022 New Year’s Resolution: Prevent Cancer If I Can

    Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health estimate that up to 75% of American cancer deaths can be prevented.  For 2022, My New Year’s resolution is to have the best health I can. Top on my list of things I can do are those that prevent cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death…

  • Escape Fire, the Movie – A Health Care Revolution

    Escape Fire is a new documentary film that shines a strong steady light on the powerful dark matter of medicine. Personal stories of patients seeking care are interwoven with expert commentary from heads of government, insurance companies, doctors and journalists. While the call that US healthcare is broken seems old, the stories shown here are…

  • Health Reform: An Open Letter to HHS

    Dear HHS, I am writing to ask you to include medical foods for the treatment of phenylketonuria, PKU, and similar inborn errors of metabolism as an essential health benefit under the chronic disease management category. Has Genetics, a relatively new field of science, ever improved the public health? I will argue that is has, and that…

  • Vegan for a Month

    I’ve been trying the vegan diet for a month now. It is one of my thought experiments that has become a life experiment. What is a vegan anyway?

  • Health Disorders or Society’s Disorders?

    I’ve been asking myself lately, what is a health disorder anyway? And is a drug always the right solution? When nearly everyone has the same problem, it might be called society’s disorder.