Life Gifts and Christmas Gifts

This is the season of giving gifts and the season of remembering life’s gifts.

I can’t count the times I’ve been asked what I want, can you? It is always the same answer for me, the one the the listener is never happy with – I don’t want anything. I’ve given this inner feeling to one of my characters, a grandmother talking to her very young granddaughter in the new short story “Last Birthday”. It is coming out in Mike Macartney’s new short story collection “Cassandra’s Roadshow” this winter – this story was based on memories of family and the issue of gift-giving. Continue reading “Life Gifts and Christmas Gifts”

The Myth of Ownership

I’ve been struggling with the concept of ownership for a long time, and suspect it may be just a myth.

Many people here tragically lost homes, investments, jobs, retirement funds in the economic downturn. It seems like we have gone through that moment when the illusion of ever increasing wealth is faced with a harsh reality, and a disordered psyche fails to integrate the two.  Continue reading “The Myth of Ownership”