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  • Global Warming: Feeling the Power of Nature

    The way I feel the power of nature has changed. It might be a change in me, aging or temperance, something like that. But at 105 degrees F in New York City this summer, and with storms that felt like they were blowing the windows in when they came, I think the change in how I…

  • Ascension and the Heavens

    On Easter Sunday, I told the story of the ascension to my younger family members, as I had learned it. After the story and half way through dinner, I was asked, “Where do you think heaven is?”


    Watching Josh Fox’s new documentary film, GasLand, nominated for an Academy award, I had to admire his bravery as a film maker. The work was awarded the Special Jury Prize at Sundance 2010, and shows the effects of using water pressure to fracture deep underground rock beds with toxic chemicals to push gas up to the surface, for use and…