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  • From Poetry to Best-Seller Anthologies: An Indie Success Story

    Poetry was my first love affair with writing…” – Samuel Peralta We met when he was a trending twitter poet, @Semaphore, but now Samuel Peralta has shape-shifted from publishing red-hot poetry like Sonata Vampirica to his short story anthology series, Future Chronicles. These hit the No.1 spot on Amazon time after time, and I contributed a…

  • Birds, Lamb, Produce and Compassion

    A true story about a bird I loved, lamb and produce. Birds I am remembering a dear cockatiel named “Babe” sat on me or beside me on any available perch she could find, most evenings when I wrote or cooked. She had a habit of trying to remove my glasses and earrings when she landed on my…

  • Patents, Publishing and Innovation

    When is it better to “do it yourself”? What inspires creativity and what sustains it? I’m sure freedom is a factor, I’m not sure profit is.