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  • End of Summer and Execution in “The Green Mile”

    The end of summer is marked by the autumnal equinox, and thoughts turn to shorter days and longer nights. Story threads of Stephen King’s moving novel, “The Green Mile” are running along memory paths in my head, triggered by the omnipresent news of Georgia’s death row drama, the planned execution of Troy Davis.

  • 100 Days of Social Media

    In Brooklyn, Bushwick’s trees were wiped out by the tornado that passed by in the fall. I was afraid it would be a barren city scape in spring here. But city workers planted new trees all along my street and in Maria Hernandez park, just before the winter snows. Walking home today I see the…

  • Fifty Days at Fifty Years: the Spring of Social Media

    The snow is melting off my winter garden this morning and the small Japanese fern emerging quite green in the corner says new growth is not far off now and may have already silently started. Today marks fifty days of my experiment with social media and this was also the year I passed fifty years.…