Loving your neighbor – Resources for Help Needed After the Storm, from author Deborah Oster Pannell

She Says Yes

Hello to all my fellow New Yorkers, tri-staters, out of town friends, and all of you who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Although I’m grateful that my son and I and our immediate family were spared the worst of Sandy’s wrath, I have several dear friends whose homes were lost in the storm, and I’m disturbed that so many of our community members are still suffering way past the point of acceptability. Business as usual is resuming for so many, but not for others. Fortunately, there are still many of us who care and who are doing something about it.

For the past several days, I’ve been collecting information regarding events and ongoing work on behalf of the people who are still without power and basic supplies in the wake of the hurricane. I’ve assembled a list of articles and notices for those of you who want to know…

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