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  • For Mothers Day – Let Me Be a Tree

    For Mothers Day – Let Me Be a Tree

    An excerpt from my novel, American Dream. The character Daniel remembers his mother: “If he could go back in time to when Mother was a child and protect her invisibly throughout her life, he was sure that he would do it. He tried to compose a poem for her during the long ride back. Let…

  • Winter Stalking Trees in NYC

    Winter Stalking white snow marks off black tree trunks walking stalking trees too move sharp stiff trees stare back at me taller damp and green blue moss hidden they watch my gray eyes with their hazel ones in silent decay

  • Tribute to Poet Robert Frost

    Growing up in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, I felt like Robert Frost must have walked along the same paths beside the same trees I did, when I first read his poems as a child. I loved Robert Frost’s poetry then, and I still do. A tribute to Robert Frost, born…