Halloween Writing Prompt: A Vampire Walks Into the ER

J.J.Brown at the Morbid Anatomy Museum in Brooklyn Halloween.


This Halloween, why not tell – or write – a scary story?

Writing Prompt

A vampire walks into the emergency room…

You take it from here. I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

If you’re looking for inspiration, please have a look at my interview with a real vampire (a person who consumes human blood) and two doctors about why vampires are afraid to go to the doctor. He also shared his own personal vampirism story as a first-person column.

In the tradition of All Hallows’ Eve reads that Neil Gaiman recommends, here are readings of my short stories from Death and the Dream: Rabbit Nightmare

and Rose Death

Won’t you tell me a scary story?

Read more about my books at my official author site.

2 responses to “Halloween Writing Prompt: A Vampire Walks Into the ER”

  1. A vampire walks into the emergency room, he brushes rain off his windbreaker and heads toward his locker in the residents wing. The stormy weather may make for a busy evening, as cars skid on slippery roads of the small town’s pathways. He will have to repeat his mantra many times tonight, reminding himself of his commitment to respecting human life. Busy nights are the worst, when it seems that the chaotic environment around him awakens his primitive, instinctual senses and he has to fight an engulfing current of bloodlust normally kept dormant beneath his reserved manner….



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