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One of my science fiction stories in progress centers on global loss of internet and cell phone access after atmospheric changes. How would we communicate with one another? What news would we hear? Who would we believe? I hadn’t thought of it as a tool for repression until now, following the revolution in Egypt. I didn’t realize this was a freedom government could actually block, but the news this weekend showed that it is.

This image was up at Mother Jones today, picked up from Reddit, along with descriptions of the people’s revolution, the retaliation of internet and cell phone shut downs by the government, and vandalism of the Cairo museum artifacts.  The reference is to the movie V for Vendetta’s mask and historical Guy Fawkes, jarring superimposed on the king’s mask. Egypt, beautiful Egypt of friends, of family, of our heritage and art, pyramids and gods.

What do you think about freedom of speech and assembly during revolutions?