Audiobook release of Mosquito Song: Dreams in Old San Juan

Mosquito Song Dreams in Old San Juan by J.J.Brown

I’m excited to announce the new audiobook release of my story Mosquito Song: Dreams in Old San Juan, read by voice talent Marnie Karger. US codes for a limited number of free review copies are ready to share from Audible; let me know in the comments section below if you would like to have one.

A brief synopsis: After an unborn baby’s mysterious death, a New York City molecular biologist travels to Puerto Rico to investigate. Fears of a new pandemic virus spread by mosquitoes haunt the scientist’s plans and nightmares. Her next DNA experiments reveal a personal stake in a future she is not ready to accept.

The story is fiction, but laced with crazy science facts that are indeed true. In addition to storytelling, I have a passion for science and worked as a molecular biologist in research labs for years. In real life, I did live in a tiny walk-up apartment on Leroy Street in the West Village of New York City for a while, knew an awesome young female bouncer at Cienfuegos on Avenue A, had traveled to Old San Juan on business, and was a fan of the song the taxi driver is listening to, Residente, Latino America. I have analyzed many, many samples of DNA in my experiments, and the results always tell a story, but not always the one we expect to find.

The idea for this tale came to me during the height of the Zika virus scare when I was writing health news stories at I had just interviewed Sanjay Gupta in person at the offices in NYC about Zika virus transmission for a FaceBook live event. We talked about mosquitoes, sex, pregnancy – no one was sure at the time what the best ways to protect ourselves really were, but we settled on bug spray and condoms as the recommendations. There was so much we did not know.

I wondered what the mosquito would tell scientists, or doctors, or news writers if we could understand their language. Mosquitoes were around ages before humans came on the scene and they will be here after we are long gone, I am sure. What was the mosquito story?

Here’s Mosquito Song that’s now up as an audiobook and ebook. I hope you enjoy it!

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