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  • X-Men Don’t Thank Just Dad for the Mutations

    Where do those mutants come from anyway? I’ve recently seen X-Men First Class, and what a trip of a movie. When wondering about who to credit for super-genes and super-powers, we would normally turn to good old Dad. It was long thought that mutations were more likely to be inherited from men. Maybe we would…

  • Six Scientists Who Rocked My World

    What do you think of when you hear “scientist”? When I hear “scientist” I think of 6 people who shook up my ideas of the world within and around me. Scientists who changed my way of thinking are: Albert Einstein (1879-1955) Rachel Carson (1907-1964) Carl Sagan (1934-1996) Barbara McClintock (1902-1992) Jane Goodall (1934- ) Oliver…

  • Vegan for a Month

    I’ve been trying the vegan diet for a month now. It is one of my thought experiments that has become a life experiment. What is a vegan anyway?

  • Debt Reduction Experiment

    I’ve started a debt reduction experiment. It’s highly personal. Problem: Having trouble saving money, not getting any younger. Experiment: Each time I am just about to consider spending money on something, anything, I imagine myself homeless and carrying that particular thing down the street.

  • Backseat Driving, Backseat Dreaming

    How hopeless is backseat driving? The backseat driver is frustrated and the actual driver inevitably becomes annoyed. Now that I’m using subways and buses, it’s become an easier question to face. Bad idea, that backseat driving I used to do, definitely. Facing the backseat mentality that seeps into the way I speak, the way I react to the news, and…