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  • Hip Hop Spotlight on Climate Chaos With Baba Brinkman

    Baba Brinkman’s new hip hop comedy Rap Guide to Climate Chaos fires up the audience with rhyming truths.

  • December’s Spring

    With a 72 degree Christmas Eve, New York City is not the only place feeling the heat of climate change.

  • Force of Nature: Scientist Activist David Suzuki

    Force of Nature: Scientist Activist David Suzuki

    Forces of Nature Forces of Nature – what are they? Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes come to mind. In the documentary film genre, the new Force of Nature, suggests that humans have become a force of nature. In this documentary, renowned Canadian geneticist David Suzuki gives an elder’s view on science, the environmental crisis, and how all…

  • Memory after the Flood

    Water conjures images of “clean” but flood water is, well, everything but clean. The extra heavy rains are something the old city infrastructure can’t handle here and so I lost one floor of my place to flooding yesterday. Sorting through the wet things after the flood, I’m wondering what’s in the water.

  • Global Warming: Feeling the Power of Nature

    The way I feel the power of nature has changed. It might be a change in me, aging or temperance, something like that. But at 105 degrees F in New York City this summer, and with storms that felt like they were blowing the windows in when they came, I think the change in how I…