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  • The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    Black lifespans in NYC are 7 years shorter than white are, and many are cut short by cancer. Policy could change that.

  • How Not to Die of Lung Cancer

    Quitting smoking is only part of the solution. The day we found out my father had lung cancer, a neighbor had come by my childhood home upstate, but no one answered the door. The neighbor went on inside and looked around – none of us locked our doors out there in the country at the…

  • My 2022 New Year’s Resolution: Prevent Cancer If I Can

    Scientists at the Harvard School of Public Health estimate that up to 75% of American cancer deaths can be prevented.  For 2022, My New Year’s resolution is to have the best health I can. Top on my list of things I can do are those that prevent cancer. Cancer is the leading cause of death…

  • Tsunamis That Rock Our Home

    I love science because it is questioning, and I always question. What question we ask can determine what answers we get. Dealing with the environmental tragedies of our times leads to many questions for people everywhere around the world. “Can it happen here?” I remember taking this photo of the riling sea in Puerto Rico the…