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  • The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    Black lifespans in NYC are 7 years shorter than white are, and many are cut short by cancer. Policy could change that.

  • Escape Fire, the Movie – A Health Care Revolution

    Escape Fire is a new documentary film that shines a strong steady light on the powerful dark matter of medicine. Personal stories of patients seeking care are interwoven with expert commentary from heads of government, insurance companies, doctors and journalists. While the call that US healthcare is broken seems old, the stories shown here are…

  • Fear of HIV Testing: Don’t Pass It On

    Did you get your HIV test? Three great reasons for a person to get an HIV test, and things to know about HIV infection: it’s contagious it’s treatable it’s passed on in childbirth-meaning you can give it to your unborn baby So many people carry the HIV virus in their body and in their blood,…