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  • The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    The Color of Cancer: Time for a Change

    Black lifespans in NYC are 7 years shorter than white are, and many are cut short by cancer. Policy could change that.

  • How Not to Die of Lung Cancer

    Quitting smoking is only part of the solution. The day we found out my father had lung cancer, a neighbor had come by my childhood home upstate, but no one answered the door. The neighbor went on inside and looked around – none of us locked our doors out there in the country at the…

  • Distracted by Death: New York Stories

    Distracted by Death: New York Stories

    I used to have an obsession with death. Lately, I have come to think of it as more of a distraction but it still definitely sparks my imagination. I’ve just published a new collection that contains all of my novellas and short stories in one place, titled Distracted by Death: New York Stories on the…

  • 9/11 Dreams: The Deaths New Yorkers Can’t Forget

    We Dream. I dream I am in the upper floors of an urban tower and the floors begin to move. Large squares of flooring rise, separating from the rest of the floor. I am working there and people around me say nothing is wrong. But then I see that it is not the floor that…

  • Winter Stalking Trees in NYC

    Winter Stalking white snow marks off black tree trunks walking stalking trees too move sharp stiff trees stare back at me taller damp and green blue moss hidden they watch my gray eyes with their hazel ones in silent decay